Call of Duty League Major 4 will not be hosted by New York Subliners next year

The event is not cancelled tho…

Call of Duty League Major 4 will not be hosted by New York Subliners next year

The event is not cancelled tho…

Last year Call of Duty League NYSL Major 4 was a blast and while we all wanted to repeat an experience like that one, sadly things will be different next year. According to the Subliners will no longer host the event. Major IV was supposed to be held in Brooklyn but a set of complications have taken away the event from its organizers.

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As reported in the article The Subliners will no longer be hosting the Major as the venue they were planning to use was smaller than needed even for a Call of Duty Challengers Open which is part of the NYSL Major 4. Those Challengers events have become commonplace in Call of Duty esports and the organization can not risk the correct operation of the event.

Actually, last season the NYSL used the Helix Esports facility in Foxborough, Massachusetts, sadly there was a series of disagreements between NYXL and Oxygen Esports, the two parent organizations of the New York Subliners and Boston Breach, so the venue is not available to use for the Challengers event leaving the New York organization without options.

However, before you enter full panic mode it’s worth noting that the event is not cancelled and NYSL can still host Call o Duty events in the future as mentioned by NYSL’s Creative Director Matt Lucero: “Last year’s Major was one for the ages. We love our awesome fans and we can’t wait to connect with more of them at future events.”

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Now what?

You must be wondering which team will serve as the new host for Major 4, the reality is that there is still no team or city confirmed, nonetheless, some sources suggest that Florida Mutineers are the stronger candidate which will be their very first Call of Duty League event.

Other options point towards Ohio at the Belong Gaming Arena or the league could make the big jump and take the league to London which could give the European fans another COD event besides the home series which took place in 2020.

The coin is still in the air, so, be sure to keep an eye open and remember to follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram for future updates.



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