5 FREE VR Multiplayer Quest 2 Games

Are you new to VR? No worries, let us help you.

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Did you get a VR headset and want to play with your friends but need help knowing where to start?

The world of VR can sound very new, and there is so much to see and do that you may need help figuring out where to start. Also, it is better to do it with free apps to begin exploring.

For the same, we will list 5 free VR video games that are amazing to play with friends.


Altspace VR

What is it about? It’s easy; just hang out with friends in a metaverse with a rich community. It’s the perfect way to start getting familiar with VR settings and just relax and enjoy some virtual time with your friends.


What is it about? Take your VR cooking skills to the test by serving customers with your friends. It’s like Overcooked, but in VR, You can team up with three other friends, and together, you can sate the hunger of enchanted creatures from your cooking cabin within the forest.


What is it about? If you are an artist, this might interest you. It is a fantastic app if you are just looking to see what kind of art people want to share with others, and you can hang out with them and your friends in these custom environments.

Beat Saber

What is it about? it is a rhythm game where you have a saber in each hand and slash incoming cubes to the song's beat.

Beat Saber used to be the single-player game that made most people buy their Quest 2. It is also playable in multiplayer, and its popularity did not dwindle at all.

You can get the award-winning rhythm game Beat Saber for free when you purchase the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

Eleven Table Tennis

What is it about? Play table tennis in virtual reality with realistic physics. With this game, you will often forget that the table tennis you are playing is in virtual reality.

The game also offers various single-player options that will allow you to tune up your table tennis skills by practicing against AI, the wall, and a few other interesting things that we advise you to discover on your own.


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