Today is the birthday celebration of Yaoyao from Genshin Impact

She received so many illustrations!

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Today is a very special day for "a young adepti disciple who is generous and sincere," as officially described from the official website. As you read in the title, today, March 6, is Yaoyao's birthday, and we wanted to share some of the beautiful art shared via Twitter by the community.

A few days ago it was Qiqi's birthday so the artists decided to celebrate this special day for both lovely girls from Liyue. There are also two special videos officially shared by Genshin Impact via TikTok and you can watch the first one by clicking here and the second one with some dedicated art here.

Within the game, we find different emails sent by all the different characters we have encountered in the adventure of our traveler, and on each birthday we get a special message from the character who celebrates it. Let's read what Yaoyao has to tell us on this day:



With each character that we can find in Genshin Impact, there is a fan base that has their different favorites and possibly has them with all their constellations obtained. But in this case, being the birthday of the beloved former Xiangling's junior disciple and Ganyu's assistant, we will observe the gifts from the community. From illustrations to a few cosplays inspired by her as a dedication to this special day.

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This is the end of this post dedicated to the birthday of one of the Genshin Impact characters that many love. We hope to continue to bring you more special posts on the birthdays of many of your favorite characters, so you don't miss out on what the community creates to celebrate.

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