Genshin Impact community celebrates Jean's birthday today!

Outstanding art and cosplays are being shared

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This Tuesday, March 15, is the birthday of one of the most beloved female characters of Genshin Impact by a large part of the community, the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean Gunnhildr.

There are many beautiful illustrations that the community has been sharing even before March 14 arrived, and we can see some of the official artwork of Genshin Impact dedicated to her birthday as well as a special video on TikTok that you can watch by clicking here.

Within the game, we find different emails sent by all the different characters we have encountered in the adventure of our traveler, and on each birthday we get a special message from the character who celebrates it. Let's read what Jean has to tell us on this day (this time taken from the Genshin Impact Wiki):



With each character that we can find in Genshin Impact, there is a fan base that has their different favorites and possibly has them with all their constellations obtained. But in this case, being the birthday of the beloved Jean the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, we will observe the gifts from the community. From illustrations to a few cosplays inspired by her as a dedication to this special day.

Jean's romantic secret

It is common for all people to have a secret or two, and Jean hides something she considers not everybody should know about her knowing her current position as a leader. Learn more about it in the following Twitter post by Tales of Teyvat:

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With this special note, we celebrate Jean's birthday, a favorite character of the team and it is a pleasure to be able to celebrate this day together with the whole community.

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