Genshin Impact's best illustrations of the week - March 13 to March 19

Beautiful and outstanding pieces of art as always

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Genshin Impact will soon have a new update, and with this, there are many fans waiting for the update to arrive as there will be interesting characters in the new banner. Also via YouTube Genshin Impact released a story teaser video titled "The Mages' Tea Party" that you'll surely enjoy watching so it can be seen below.

The illustrations that you will see in this note were selected between the dates of March 13 to March 19, and as every week you will see very unique art styles, and some other weeks you will notice the style of a new artist as there are illustrators who focus on making art exclusively from Genshin Impact and in this section, we will discover them together.


This week we start with a breathtaking illustration of Nilou.

Collei, Cyno and Thignari surely loved their stay at Mondstadt.

Here we have Mika communicating with other little birds.

One of the many characters that people want to have in their collection, is Dainsleif.

Another fantastic art portraying Nilou.

This is a very interesting take on Kaeya.

A short and funny comic in which we can see Kazuha obtaining his collection of hats.

A great art of Albedo.

Long time no see, glad to see Razor again.

Lumine having a cup of tea "together with" her brother.

That's it for the illustrations of the week, there are a lot of artists sharing their wonderful art on Twitter and we'd love to show them all, but it would be too long, and it would take an unimaginable amount of time to find them all. If you have any art that we don't show here and you'd like to share it, do so in the comments below! Even if you're the artist who made it we'd love to see what you've done.

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