Cented quits Fortnite due to “focused” harassment

The pro player has been very controversial the last two years

Cented quits Fortnite due to “focused” harassment

The pro player has been very controversial the last two years

Former FaZe Clan Fortnite player, Cented announced yesterday via his personal Twitter that he is stepping away from the game entirely. The player whose real name is Evan Barron broke the news after four years of career.

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When did everything went wrong?

Last year Cented ended up at the centre (without pun intended) of a great controversy after saying racial slurs during the live stream of a friend, the evidence was in a Twitch clip that surfaced in July. At the time he was part of FaZe Clan which cut ties with him almost immediately and obviously the community didn’t let him forget what he did.

Precisely that is the reason why he is retiring entirely from Fornite, in his Tweet that redirects to Twit longer, he mentions that he is not quitting because the game “got stale” or because “the developers don’t care about their players”, he refers to ongoing and relentless harassment.

He acknowledges that what happened in July destroyed everything he had worked hard to achieve and that he is deeply ashamed of and takes full accountability for. He mentions that he started therapy and was changing his behaviour and of course, he didn’t expect people to accept him back right away, sadly the type of harassment he had to continue to experience has been so bad that he prefers to step away.

“People like Bucke, Aviv/ Donnie, and their followers have almost made it their personal missions to bully, harass and ruin any chance at redemption for me. My FNCS was purposefully griefed for clout all while they mocked BLM (a movement I’ve personally donated to and tried to support), and have streamers send their chat to hate raid me while I try and stream.”

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He continued to mention the repercussions this type of bullying has put on his life, mainly in the form of mental health issues, you can read the whole statement by clicking here.

Barron ends the text by mentioning that he will be active in other socials like Instagram and Twitter to continue charity work and use his platform for good in the future.

What do you think of the whole ordeal? Please share your thoughts respectfully in the comments below.


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